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The internet may have killed books, but we all thought vinyl records were dead and look at the comeback they have made. Vintage hobbies, like reading, are super hip these days. The Office Monk team is always ahead of the curve on hot new trends, and for this reason we have decided to become the first ever website to sell books online.

Unlike your kale smoothie and yoga class, reading is a wellness activity that can make your friends think your smarter than them. Just remember to remind them of it by crowbaring book references into as many conversations as possible. 

All the books in TOM’s library have been vetted by the Office Monk staff to: teach, inspire, or entertain. Additionally we believe that each one of these titles will be the perfect accessory for making you look cool in a coffee shop. We thank you in advance for any books purchased from our site, since they help keep TOM alive



Harden yourself against the cubicle farm of life with books that feed feed the soul and foster mindfulness.



Sharpen your mind and skills with books that will help you succeed



Books that will help you escape

Featured Books

Pillars of the Earth

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My Ishmael

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Rule of the Bone

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