Mindfulness Store


Nothing embraces the mindfulness ideology of rejecting impermanent attachments quite like buying some stuff off of amazon while your sitting on the toilet. 

Below you will find some crap you don’t need, but let’s admit buying stuff is fun and therapeutic. Also you‘ll be able to sleep easy at night knowing that anything you buy here will help keep the site alive, and allow the TOM staff to buy stuff they don’t need either.

Here at the The Office Monk we realize that material items are meaningless and impermanent. You never truly can posses anything you purchase below. You will simply be borrowing them as you inch closer to your death with every breath. Nonetheless, we hope they spark some temporary joy as you continue your march towards the grave. 

Mind calming coloring book set


Being a child is tough. The world was a scary place and you felt controlled by uncertaintity, anxiety, and fear. Thank god you had coloring books to calm your mind. As an adult nothing has changed, except that there are no more coloring books. Fear no more, and put your mind at ease with this coloring set. You will find it shockingly therapeutic, and they are still  best used at restaraunts while other adults are talking. Meditate on how good you’ve become at coloring inside then lines. We are proud of you. 

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Zen Master Whiskey set


Mindfulness can be hard work. Transcendtal meditation takes practice and is frankly boring. Instead, quiet your mind with some strong glasses of granite chilled whiskey. What happens after a few glasses of whiskey is rarely boring. 

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Small talk force field


These small talk shields will save your life in a plane or anywhere else you need to say: “F off world I’m being mindful.” They serve as the perfect noise cancelling barrier toward whomever or whatever tries to pollute your precious ear canal and distract you from your blissful zen state. The audio quality of the wireless Bose Quiet Comfort rivals thousand dollar studio headphones. However, from a comfort standpoint they truly are the best on the market. Perfect for listening to a guided mediation, a book on tape, or Toto’s greatest hits. (aka the song “Africa” on repeat.) 

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