Who is The Office Monk?

The Office Monk is the pinnacle of human evolution. He is a fully conscious sentient being, perfectly adapted from hominid ancestors for survival in the harshest environment known to man...the modern office. 

The Office Monk is a lighthouse for a world lost at sea, and floating adrift on a corporate raft of despair. He seeks truth like a guru, while silently laughing like a nihilist. He lives inside a cubicle, and deep inside us all. Follow his beacon of light and realize to escape your office, do not look out the window. Rather, embrace your inner Office Monk, look inside yourself, and laugh at the absurd. 

Follow TOM as your survival, your sanity, and your very evolution depends on it. Your introduction to The Office Monk will undoubtedly be the most meaningful moment in your otherwise pointless existence. 


Evolve out of your cubicle


Set Your Mind Free

“The executive works a lifetime inside a cool building staring at a screen so he can retire sit in a hot boat and fish. The islander works a lifetime in a hot boat fishing to retire sit in a cool building and stare at a screen. Why ever wish for anything other than what you are doing now?“ #TOMsays


Gain Perspective

“The grass isn’t greener on the other side. It is Brown on both. Each side obsessively waters their lawn when all they have to do is love the color brown.”#TOMsays


Stay Positive

“Positivity is the worlds most powerful guiding force. All great achievement was started by a single positive thought“#TOMsays


Conquer Fear

“Sharing a creative new idea is a vulnerable state, like walking into a room naked. Push past the fear that others will laugh at your balls, for they will admire you for having them.”#TOMsays


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